Ryan Reynolds scared of flying

Ryan Reynolds is scared of flying.
The Green Lantern actor says his jetset life is blighted by his fear of flying and an irrational suspicion of all airline pilots.
“The flying thing is really hard for me,” says Ryan. “I have a real problem with it.
“I think it’s a control thing and not being able to see in front of me. Am I supposed to sit there and trust some drunk pilot!?”
Ryan recently revealed how he gets straight to the point with his family and their little favors.
“The first thing my nephew asked me when I was meeting for Green Lantern was, ‘Can I have the ring?” he said.
“I said, ‘F*** no!’ I don’t want to sound too corny about it, but it’s actually that stuff that makes it all worth while. It’s moments like that I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

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