Chelsea Clinton sees tantric sex guru?

Chelsea Clinton‘s marriage to husband Marc Mez­vinsky is back on track and it’s all thanks to a tantric sex guru.
Hard-bodied blonde Sim­one Ayesa who’s worked with A-listers including Matt Damon and Kirsten Dunst has used several techniques to get Chelsea and Marc who wed last July to relax, find inner peace and get in shape.
“Before Chelsea and Marc discov­ered Simone through a pal, their marriage was near collapse,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.
“Miraculously, after just a few sessions, Simone was able to get Chelsea and Marc to relax. It was nothing short of a small miracle!
“They both were smiling when they left Simone’s Manhattan apartment after a recent weekday afternoon workout.
“Chelsea’s determined to spice up their sex life.”

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