Jennifer Lawrence to raise family in London

Jennifer Lawrence wants to raise her family in London.
The American actress who grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, before moving to Los Angeles when she was 16 spent five months in the UK capital filming X-Men: First Class and fell in love with the city and can’t wait to return on a more permanent basis.
“When I first landed in London I remember calling my mom and going, ‘I think I’m going to live here, I think I want to raise my family here’,” she said.
During the filming of the superhero movie, Jennifer grew close to her costarNicholas Hoult and while she refuses to admit whether they’re dating, she confessed she is in a relationship with someone.
“No, I’m not single,” she said.
When told Nicholas was a nice guy, the 20-year-old beauty coyly replied: “Very nice.”
Jennifer also revealed how she hates exercise and only does it because she knows it’s important for her job to look good.
“I don’t like people saying, ‘Oh, I’m addicted to exercise. I’m like, ‘Screw you just leave!’ Because it’s not fun, going on runs. I can never wait for it to be over,” she added.

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