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  • sukhyani
    01-26 07:44 PM
    Hey guys, I received this notice in the mail from USCIS asking me to appear for "Initial" interview for further processing of my I485. Can someone please throw some light on what that might involve?

    My PD is 09/04, June 07 Filer and had an RFE back in Septmeber.

    Please reply.

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  • vin13
    12-11 04:36 PM
    Since the AP application is over 90 days pending, you may be eligible to discusss with the customer service. If you do not get good answer, you may be able to schedule an infopass.

    We found out at the Infopass that my wife's AP application had been approved 2 months ago. But online system still shows as pending but just got a soft LUD on the date it was approved. So you never know what you may find out.

    But not sure if they would give out information to the applicant's spouse

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  • sathishav
    03-01 02:07 PM
    If i understood your post correctly, you have ported of an unapproved I140. I do understand this is for a "future job", but still you have used AC21.

    I agree with your attorney to file, because, if you had worked for Company A and moved AFTER I140 approved and I485 pending for 180 days, you don't have to worry about their status. Since you have not yet worked for them, it safe severe your ties by filing AC21.

    Question 1. How should service centers or district offices process unapproved I-140 petitions that were concurrently filed with I-485 applications that have been pending 180 days in relation to the I-140 portability provisions under �106(c) of AC21?

    Answer: If it is discovered that a beneficiary has ported off of an unapproved I-140 and I-
    485 that has been pending for 180 days or more, the following procedures should
    be applied:
    A. Review the pending I-140 petition to determine if the preponderance of the evidence establishes that the case is approvable or would have been approvable had it been adjudicated within 180 days. If the petition is approvable but for an ability to pay issue or any other issue relating to a time after the filing of the petition, approve the petition on
    it�s merits. Then adjudicate the adjustment of status application to determine if the new position is the same or similar occupational classification for I-140 portability purposes.
    B. If additional evidence is necessary to resolve a material post-filing
    issue such as ability to pay, an RFE can be sent to try to resolve the
    issue. When a response is received, and if the petition is approvable,
    follow the procedures in part A above.

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  • singhsa3
    08-20 08:50 PM
    Thats what recent approval in last couple of days are indicating..
    looks like they are clearing up PD APR-DEC 2005 at both NSC-TSC but slow then pick up from jan-2006

    there are not much perm certified in 2005 ...hope you all get it


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  • reachinus
    11-19 03:55 PM
    1. My friend is on H1 and have EAD (June'07 filer) for both him and his spouse... his spouse (secondary aplicant) is currently working on her EAD.. If his company lays him off... Would his wife have any effect on her employment?

    2. Could he renew my EAD/AP on my own with no employer support (despite he has no job)

    3. What if he goes to India on AP (or otherwise).. would that have effect on his wife's EAD/employment?

    3a. If he goes to India on AP.. for how long could he go?
    Untill the day before the expiry of AP

    4. Could he take up any job and keep switching till priority date becomes current?
    Yes. but advisible to stay in same or similiar job

    5. Also what happens if and when priority date becomes current?
    Should obtain an EVL from the Current\Future employer assuring a full time permanent job.

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  • pappu
    02-11 10:23 AM
    On the contrary I think IV forum can be stress relievers. One can share their pain, anxiety, news and questions with other people in the same boat.


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    05-02 06:16 AM

    Ok, let us assume I am a manner less fellow. I am still far better than you who is feeeling resentment against someone because of that person's advantages.

    You are the first one who quickly posted saying 'Not Good'. Any one in the world will say, you were abusive to the OP. Practice Nirvana, it will be good for you.

    Gcmuddu , u r still eb3 coz u r so abusive,
    u must have abused to the lawyer also
    so she let you rot as eb3

    I hope all eb3 gets the card but you get to
    go back to the culture you belong, coz u certainly
    don't fit in USA

    Do yourself a favor , learn manners, card
    will not teach you that.

    Btw how does ur family tolerates you?
    Or are a big hypocrite to tell ur son/ daughter(if any)
    to be polite and here in public forum u bad mouth

    wish your mom should have taught you more

    I feel sad when you say "kutte"
    noone should loose their loved ones soon,
    else they try to find them in public forums,

    good luck

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  • Berkeleybee
    04-26 12:01 PM

    I want to make sure we acknowledge every contribution our members make, monetary and in terms of ideas.

    As I said in the main thread ( it was posts on the forum by virtual55, jkays94 and cpolisetti that set the WaPo ball rolling.

    Thank you to them and every member who does his or her part in big and small ways.



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  • pthoko
    07-05 03:15 PM
    Thanks, I've not been able to do any work today after this thing got into my mind. I got my labor approved and I-140 is pending...

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  • nav_kri
    06-15 08:48 PM
    EVL = Employment Verification Letter

    Usually the employer provides a letter on their letter head that the person is currently employed with them as XYZ. I usually get one before traveling outside US so that I can show it to IO in case they ask for it as proof of continued employment.


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  • Munna Bhai
    07-10 10:01 AM
    I'm not from India, can I come ???


    Come to india, trust me you will enjoy the life...easy to get work visa.

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  • randallemery
    03-10 10:22 PM
    Immigration Press Briefing
    9:00 am PST, February 28, 2006

    This week the AFL-CIO Committee on Immigration adopted one of the most innovative and progressive frameworks for achieving real comprehensive immigration reform. As it stands today, our immigration system is nothing more than a blueprint for exploitation of both foreign and native-born workers. Overhaul of our nation's broken immigration laws is long overdue.

    We believe that America deserves a more just and democratic immigration system that protects the interests of ALL workers within our borders-immigrants and U.S.-born workers alike.

    It's a tragedy that instead of advocating for permanent relief to the millions of undocumented workers already in this country, paying taxes and contributing to their communities, our nation's leaders continue to push for the same old hollow policies that if enacted will only drive immigrants further into the shadows of American society while allowing employers to depress labor protections and standards for ALL workers within our borders.

    Instead of comprehensive reform, many of our leaders continue to look to outdated temporary guestworker programs as a cure-all solution. Real immigration reform cannot and should not be designed primarily to enlarge guestworker programs that have served only to provide greedy employers with a steady stream of vulnerable, indentured workers they may exploit for commercial gain.

    This week AFL-CIO unions have voted on a landmark resolution that breaks away from this oppressive guestworker mold and offers a more just and viable solution that will benefit all workers. To be effective, comprehensive immigration reform must include three key, interdependent goals: 1) reform proposals MUST provide a clear and well-defined path to permanent residency for those workers already here and contributing to their communities 2) our laws must include uniform enforcement of workplace standards to ensure a more just and level playing field and 3) to achieve a blanket standard of workplace right, we MUST reject outdated guestworker constructs that by their very nature harm the interests of foreign and U.S born workers alike.

    The horrific abuses suffered by workers in the first such program, the post -World War II bracero program, are well documented and indisputable. And although most people like to think of bracero programs as a phenomenon of the past, the reality is that their legacy of exploitation and abuse continues to thrive in contemporary American society through modern guestworker programs such as the H1-B and H2-B. President Junemann will talk more about how employers take advantage of H1-Bs and exploit workers while eroding wages and workplace standards within the high tech industry

    We believe that there is absolutely no good reason why any immigrant who comes to this country prepared to work, to pay taxes, and to abide by our laws and rules should be relegated to this repressive, second-class guestworker status.

    To embrace the expansion of temporary guestworker programs is to embrace the creation of an undemocratic, two-tiered society.

    To combat this model, the AFL-CIO has put forth a more humane and democratic alternative. We propose that if employers can demonstrate a real need for outside workers, these workers should be allowed into our country with the SAME RIGHTS AND LABOR PROTECTIONS of any U.S. citizen. When there is a real need for foreign workers, we should embrace these workers NOT as "guests" but as FULL members of society --as PERMANENT RESIDENTS with full rights and full mobility that greedy employers may NOT exploit.

    What immigrant workers need is a real path to legalization and a method for addressing America's future needs for outside labor in a way that guarantees immigrant workers--and thus ALL workers--full rights, and a real voice on the job. As a nation that prides itself on fair treatment and equality, we simply cannot settle for anything less.


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  • ita
    01-04 04:19 PM
    Thanks so much for all the replies.
    I'm going to follow the links provided.

    Should your bank statements reflect specific minimun balance ?

    Thank you.

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  • GotGoose?
    04-11 07:46 PM
    Added 2 more stamps. (eye theme)


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  • pappu
    02-11 11:22 AM
    I agree, and so just to vent, IV forum participation must be a give and take, it is shameful and unethical to ask questions and run away once its been answered or their problems are resolved, we have thousands of members and only a handful of them have contributed towards 2009 contributions, the total has not even touched $1500?? there is a limit to being a free rider, at times like these when legal immigration has hit bottom in the priorities list, cant we atleast pool some money and support those who are trying to work for us?? is it too much to ask? its just not enough to say "god will help us", god helps only those who help themselves.

    I agree. We are not able to exploit our full potential and come up short in our efforts due to lack of enough support. Imagine if we had hundred thousand members.
    or even if we can get the current 30k members to contribute it will be a huge boost. I feel if we can get everyone from other websites to IV that may help us get more participation and contributions.

    Individual $20 or $50 should get mass participation. We collected 1K yesterday after a lot of effort. That 1K will be peanuts when we take it and talk to a lobbyist. It will not even get us past initial briefing session if you really want to do full fledged lobbying. If your average lawyer charges you $250 to talk to you only for 15 minutes, imagine how much a lobbyist can charge you to talk let alone go out and allow you to purchase the political capital he has. You should look at how much our rivals spend against us. They even have full time employees and lobbyists on payroll and an office . On the other hand we are simply trying to manage this effort while doing our day jobs and reducing our family time in the evening, nights and weekends. Some of us take time off from work and travel to DC. That time could have been used for trips to Home country or for vacations. Core members, chapter leaders and many active members since the beginning of this effort have made sacrifices. I just hope members are able to see the complete picture of this effort before forming an opinion and taking a decision.

    When they see it as their own effort they will participate more actively and make IV their website to go to and participate.

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  • beautifulMind
    06-28 10:31 PM
    I was a student on f1 and had applied and used my OPT period. The OPT card has A#. I am applying I-485 with I-140 pending and have I-140 reciept

    Should I use the OPT A# everywhere on the application?

    I do not have any other documentation related to my OPT except the expired OPT/EAD card. IS this suffiecnt documentation?

    There is question on the I-765 which ask IF i had applied for EAD before. WOuld the answer to this be yes I have used OPT before? If yes what is the location of the USCIS office where I applied. I have no clue about this


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  • sandy_anand
    10-21 05:08 PM
    sorry folks ... new member here...
    my profile should have some info now....

    Welcome waitingimmigrant!

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  • ngaheer
    12-12 08:14 PM
    Thanks amitjoey,

    Some good pointers there. I knew there is wealth of ideas here.

    I am going to talk to a lawyer and propose this to the co. I am talking to. Hell, things can't get any shi**ier than they are now.

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  • vallabhu
    11-30 10:51 AM
    Thanks for your reply except for HR letter I think we sent all the mentioned documents for the first response and we are resending them back, My provisional says Mathematics and Marks list says Math may be officer got confused

    I was in a similar situation.. not exaclty the same...
    I had an approved I 140 and then I got the Notice of Intent To Deny, similar reason. This is what I did.

    - I called my unversity and asked them to send me a detail syallbus of the courses I attended
    - A letter from a third part evaluator
    - An indetail letter from my HR as to what my courses where and how the courses pertain to my work.
    - A detailed letter from the attorney.

    looks like you do not have any thing to worry, if you took math courses and your syllabus states that then you should be ok. Make sure that you mention in very much detail and repetedly about the courses you took so that they wont miss it. Good luck I am certian you will be ok.

    11-07 04:08 PM
    I spoke with my lawyer again and he said that we are fine using the experience on my current job. The company that is petitioning my application is where I got most of the experience mentioned in my labor. What do you recommend I do at this point ?

    I will try and talk to another lawyer and get their views on this issue. Can I retain my priority date and file under perm at this stage. I am so stressed, I waited four years for my labor and it is about to go to hell. :mad:

    09-26 12:36 AM
    what do u think...god is going to have another re-incarnation for giving gcs to legal immigrants? If we dont help each other / ourselves then we surely deserve this backlog

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