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  • Unorthodox
    Aug 2, 04:04 PM
    Oh wait. Im not sure I understand the question.
    What do you mean "get a hold of that keynote"?
    You want to grab it?

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  • appleguy123
    May 3, 06:36 PM
    There's a few mis-stated rules in Don't panic's rules that I will address shortly.

    But one is that a trap activates as soon as you attempt to leave the room. The only way to avoid a trap is to explore the room, which will discover, and disarm, the trap.

    With that said, there are currently nothing placed on the map by the villain. He will make his first move after you slow-pokes are done ;)

    I'm confused. Are you saying that the villain gets to listen to our conversations and then place the traps? Can he place a trap in the room we're in right now? If so, should this planning be done via PM?

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  • sjinsjca
    Nov 14, 03:34 PM
    You're joking right?!

    They are the one of the biggest security product vendors!

    I have installed this, no slow down and it doesn't get in the way.

    I have it installed as I frequently share files with Windows users and don't want to be a carrier.


    My Mac-using son had a Windows trojan on his memory stick, which he uses at school-- the trojan probably loaded itself there. Its presence was identified by a Windows-using friend's malware scanner when he plugged the stick into his machine. I investigated later: scanned it with fully-up-to-date ClamXAV on my Mac. Clam didn't find anything. So, I downloaded Sophos and let it install it per its defaults. Scanned the stick again, and Sophos alerted me to the issue. It also had links to informative pages on the trojan in question. Turns out it's a Windows-only trojan; at no point were our Macs in danger. But every PC user among my son's friends was at risk from it. It was a nasty one, too, and known for stealing passwords and so forth.

    So based on that one test, it seems Sophos is superior to Clam. I've noted no problem running it on my machine so far. Scanning my hard disk, for example, didn't bog the machine down much.

    I think I'll keep it. Clam would not automatically scan incoming emails or other potential sources of contagion; Sophos will do so. Given there appears to be little or no performance or stability hit, it seems worthwhile.

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  • sartinsauce
    Sep 11, 03:14 PM
    Extremely unlikely. Or i`d say it`s impossible. We`ll definitely get DVD quality(atleast as an option). But my guesses are 720p will also be offered to those with a really really FAT internet pipe. Fat enough to fill a human body I guess:D .

    I really think Apple will offer atleast 3 resolutions ie QVGA, DVD and(crossing fingers) HD 720p(may be at an extra cost and limited in number of available titles). Apple needs to do something which will set them apart from Amazon. I`ll be really disappointed if all we get is the same as Amazon.

    Not gonna happen.

    Apple's delivery requirements for iTMS are for an SD resolution (720x486). Many networks, in an effort to expidite iTMS availability, send Apple tapes containing content. Apple will not accept tapes in an HD format.

    That being said, DVD quality downloads now (or in the near future) are a distinct possibility. Again, bandwidth is a mofo. How do you offer so much content, with such large file-sizes, to millions of customers simultaneously, while also maintaining bandwidth for music downloads.

    Will there be a download queue, so we have to wait in line to download content?

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  • Michael07
    Nov 3, 10:10 AM
    Does anyone know if the Apple Stores are starting to receive the Car Kit?

    Thank you.

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  • DTphonehome
    Jul 29, 09:29 PM
    Up until about a year or so ago, Cingular used to have the worst network. And the Verizon network was mint. Great signal everywhere on earth and never lost a call. Now I have to try every call 4 times before it goes through. I'd rather see Apple buy up another carrier and own them. How much does a small cellular carrier cost to buy? :-)

    They wouldn't have to do that. You know ESPN Mobile, Boost Mobile, and AMP'd mobile? They are all "virtual" networks that lease bandwidth from other providers who actually have a physical network. These "virtual" wireless companies are called MVNOs. Apple could become an MVNO (and it has been rumored in the past that would do so), so that they could offer all the features they want, and ensure a consistent experience across the entire user base.

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  • twoodcc
    Aug 2, 01:50 PM
    i can't wait!! and it's gonna be so hard buying a Macbook tomorrow and not being able to open it til the 7th!

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  • �algiris
    Mar 28, 09:55 AM
    The iPhone 4 is already dated relative to other phones on the market. To have a phone on the market for 18 months without an update is insane.

    It was good 3 months ago, it's good now and it still be good 3 months from now. It only makes sense to wait and get everything in order if a major change/upgrade is coming. Competition is not going anywhere.

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  • Eldiablojoe
    May 3, 10:06 PM
    I'm okay following DP for the moment. I'm not so sure that the sequence is as pivotal as portrayed. I think it would be an obvious place, the first starting room, to place vital objects, so exploring is a must. I'm not sure I agree that the "Move, Explore" sequence is more advantageous than the "Explore, Move" sequence. Keeping in mind that we get attacked the moment we move into a room, so we would want to explore it after a monster is vanquished.

    Now that she's mi esposa, maybe I can get Beatrice to finally make me a sandwich.

    PS-- The BLOWjoe joke is not really as funny as you think it is. It's easier to refer to me as either Dante or EDJ.

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  • drir1990
    Apr 20, 01:33 AM
    I'd love to see a three tier release. 3gs at the budget end, iPhone 4 in the midrange and the 5 at the top end.

    Looking forward to whatever enhancements Apple bring with it.

    I don't see that happening. Apple tends to avoid complicated product lines. That is one too many options in my opinion.

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  • NoNothing
    Apr 7, 10:50 AM
    For some strange reason you think monopolies are good for consumers.

    Actually, this is more of a situation of a monopsony in play where there are multiple sellers of various components but only a single buyer. This, in turn, locks out other buyers from being able to leverage price efficiencies and limits the competition from achieving an upper hand price wise.

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  • Tha Professor
    May 6, 05:11 AM
    Yes please! Am I the only one that thinks that Intel is crap? Well, maybe it aint crap, but Apple is crappier since Intel... I yet have to see someone running an Intel Mac for several years without a hiccup.. Most Intel Macs I have seen did have problems or died completely in range of 3 years... PowerPCs had far less problems!:apple:

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  • anonalidall
    May 7, 12:11 PM
    Eric Schmidt's comments about privacy are disconcerting to me

    This is after the whole Google Buzz fiasco. There's money in trying to convince people to be open. Facebook and Google data mine consumer behavior to make money and consumers need to act like they got a good education and understand where they are being used.

    The assumption that those that want privacy are doing something illegal is asinine.

    Zuckerberg (Facebook) on privacy (

    Privacy is a lot like Laws. You give it up it's hard to get back.

    Hey it's not a choice for everyone. I'm just at a point in my life where $6 and some change is going to put me out especially when my online data is not being mined for profit. I've been happier than I though I would with my MobileMe account. I'm on the west coast so i'm assuming my data center is in Cali and performance has been fine.

    In the interest of winding this down (and allowing this thread to get back on track :-) I'll concede that Google has made more concerning statements about privacy than Apple (and as you note, information is much more directly related to their bottom line than it is to Apple's). However, I think these are only our perceptions about the situation. I think the reality is that regardless of whether you go with Google's for-pay or Apple's for-pay cloud services you're putting yourself in another companies hands. And I think the differences between how these large companies treat their users vs. how that relates to their income is extremely small. I think it's splitting hairs to differentiate between the privacy of their Cloud offerings (Facebook being an exception).

    If you want real privacy there are better ways to obtain it. I use GnuPG when I want more privacy and less convenience, otherwise anything that's unencrypted that I send out or store on the Internet I treat (somewhat) as out of my hands. Obviously I have different expectations for Gmail vs my Tweets, but I still understand the hazards of storing any unencrypted information with any company, Google or Apple.

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  • Don't panic
    May 5, 11:49 AM
    No reason to split. There is only 1 door.

    i agree, and it's not like there are many alternatves so here we go, so I won't waste more time.

    R3t2: we move on to the next room

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  • infidel69
    Apr 21, 05:17 PM
    Just don't make it obsolete by removing any features. SP version could easily be smaller but the DP version is already small compared to others.

    The current case size is perfect imo. I know Apple likes their products to be as small and quiet as possible but you have to wonder if heat will be an issue with two six core processors in such a small case.

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  • tigress666
    Apr 25, 11:45 AM
    The issue is more being concerned about those in abusive relationships and the like. You definitely don't want a physically abusive spouse to have access to your location information.

    Wow, some one who pointed out a realistic, not paranoid theory, reason why this is not a good thing (not that I don't think some people being paranoid have a point. But I also think this scenario is a much more likely to happen reason why the info being stored on the phone unencrypted is a bad thing).

    1. Apple is not tracking you until they actually make the phone send them that info.The info stays on your phone and your computer so you have control over it (well as long as it doesn't get into some one else's hands). I don't even know why this is being discussed since it's not happening.

    2. I think the bigger problem is that the phone doesn't erase this info after a while and it doesn't encrypt it which makes it easier if some one takes your phone to get that info. Leaving it to issues of if people (criminals, abusive spouses, the government) steal your phone or force the info off. It makes it that much easier to them and that much more available.

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  • ampd
    Aug 7, 05:51 PM
    Well after using a Powerbook G4 for the longest time which was given to me for work, i decided that today I would make my first mac purchase and bought the new mac pro... I finally made the complete leap and soon I will be fully rid of Windows as I will be running only Gentoo and OS X. I'm overjoyed that I will be getting my first mac however I know I won't be so happy seeing the credit card bill...heres what I got:

    Two 3GHz Dual-Core Intel Xeon
    Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple wireless Mighty Mouse
    Both Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and AirPort Extreme
    250GB 7200-rpm Serial ATA 3Gb/s (Ill be adding in my 2 750gb hds)
    NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT 256MB (single-link DVI/dual-link DVI)
    1GB (2 x 512MB)
    1 x SuperDrive

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  • Popeye206
    Apr 25, 11:18 AM
    Jobs is spinning his BS again as usual. Even when there is overwheming evidence to the contrary...he still insults the intelligence of his customers who he clearly regards as beneath him.

    Apple is:
    Image (

    LOL! Funny! Good one! :rolleyes:

    Can you share the "evidence" thats sooooo overwhelming?

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  • wizard
    Mar 29, 03:55 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8G4 Safari/6533.18.5)

    What a stupid statement. Are you aware that Apple is an American company? So is Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, GE and other world-leading companies.

    What's your alternative? Can you even name more than one world-class Chinese company?

    *rolls eyes*

    Yeah buddy I am. Are you aware that on every Apple Device it says "DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA, ASSEMBLED IN CHINA."

    There is a reason we do not build these products and it has been well covered through this thread. Can you name any good products made by those companies that you mentioned, that are actually built in the US. You know America SUCKS at making products when we need the media to convince us of this fact. Just watch TV, you do not see Apple advertising that they make there products in China, but you do see a bunch of other companies that slap a "Made in the USA" label gain Patriot approval. I avoid those products and save my money for products that have better quality; I dont innately hate american products, but experience has proved that they are inferior to build qualities of other nations. :apple::D

    You really don't know what you are talking about. Many American businesses are world class. That doesn't include 2/3rds of the American auto industry sadly but GM made a management decision to sell crap and Chrysler never did sell anything of quality. However just because one industry is less than stellar it doesn't mean all are.

    I'm not sure where you are on this planet but where I'm at we export a great deal of stuff to the rest of the world. Some of it even consumer level.

    A wise person shops with an open mind. You seem to have closed yours and thus send all your dollars over seas. Sad really.

    Nov 3, 11:23 AM

    Apr 14, 09:51 AM
    Take that, fivepoint. Where has he been btw? Haven't seen him around here in a while.

    Mar 30, 07:08 PM
    Props to amazon for taking the lead. If only dropbox would follow.

    Q: Any word on integration with AWS/EC2 for the upgraded service?

    Apr 26, 03:13 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......
    That comment made no sense!
    Android is a free OS piggybacking on multiple 3rd party hardware. So it just makes sense that the adoption of Android is high. But break down the individual players. No, look at the balance sheets and then talk trash.

    Mar 30, 06:39 PM
    Will this work on the 2011 mbp's?

    The installer does not error out and seems to work... rebooting now

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