Naruko: Marjoram and Lavender Brightening Eye Cream

 Why I love it:
  • Marjoram and Lavender is by far my favourite range from Naruko
  • Comes with no SPF, the bright side is that you can use it both for day and night time and just use SPF over it to ensure eyes get proper sun protection
  • The cooling gel texture is easy to massage into the eye area, you'll need a very tiny amount to pat and massage. Anything more than a pea size for both eyes will require quite awhile to absorb
  • Star ingredients: Phytoferulin, Sun'er Complex, Regu-age, hyaluronic acid, french lavender vitamin C, licorice, ginkgo biloba leaf extract, green tea leaf extract
  • Designed to counteract dullness, dark circles, lifting and uneven skin tone, I find this eye cream works really well with moisturising the eye area and instantly somewhat brighten the eye area. After roughly a month of using this, I am a little disappointed that it did not reduce the dark circles, did much for the lifting and dullness.
  • No parabens, no fragrance, no colourant

Roughly RRP AUD$11
Available in Naruko's site now

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