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  • ajz3
    12-06 12:14 PM
    Filed for i140 on march 27th. Upgarded to premium processing on nov 15th. Today is dec 6th and nothing. The reason I filed for i140 thinking, if they have started this process and people are filing, that means the ones who are in regular are going to get pushed behind ever more. But I havent received any reply yet. Will let you'll know when something happens. I check my email atleast 20 times a day hopeing for a reply. GOOD LUCK :)

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  • pamposh
    09-15 11:54 AM
    Folks there are two threads on the forum that are targeting the similar objective.
    Please join on the IV CHAT on Wednesday (09/17/08) 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time to discuss one course of action. Please RSVP

    This meeting is online and is for an hour.

    There is one more thread driving a similar initiative.

    Why not get all of these threads and people together working on one target.

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  • smartboy75
    07-17 07:42 PM
    Almond I agree with you completely...I am not against questions being asked or answering questions...This community has been helpful to me in the past and I would be more than welcome to lend support....but a little effort would'nt harm....

    There is a saying "SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND...." No matter how old the information its always possible to dig it out...not only using this forumn search but also google search....I just hope people try and seek before ..that's all

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  • NIW
    02-24 12:46 PM
    Hey IAspire,

    Welcome aboard!
    Rest assured, you will be viewing this website/e-mailing questions/answering others' questions for at least a decade unless the middle east revolution spreads to the west.
    Even after spending tens of hours of reading, consulting with lawyers and scratching heads countless times, still the green card process is confusing to most of us on this site. Honestly, its a tedious, intricate process that demands lot of patience, hard work, luck and money.
    Hey! I'm not trying to scare you but if you were born in India, its been that way for quite some time. I guess you need to do some serious reading about the entire process and especially your scenario. Just google, you'll be inundated with ocean of information. Then you may have some idea about the time frames of getting the EAD or GC or Citizenship or whatever. Good luck!


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  • yagw
    03-30 12:25 PM
    According to current visa bulletttin, EB2 -INDIA is 15 FEB 04.

    Your profile shows your PD DEC. 2005.
    How you got the GC, when the PD is not current?
    If my mistake, you need to contact USCIS, otherwise they can find out the mistake and revoke any time.

    Not necessarily. USCIS works in a magical way. They might allot a number when the dates were current and work on the application leisurely and approve it after a while.
    (btw, this is purely based on info from different forums and I don't have any clue (neither USCIS :) of how they work)

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  • qualified_trash
    06-16 09:34 AM
    why cant we set up a webfax/email for all members to be sent to CNN and FOX like the ones we setup for the senators?


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  • yganreddy
    10-02 08:29 PM
    Just want to double confirm, are you sure that if G-28 is filed along with I-485, ONLY lawer receives RFE letter. Can you please point to any official link?

    I left my old job where I filed G-28 with I-485. At my new job, HR in immigration department are telling me that there is no need to file G-28 since RFE is received by the applicant. Nor they recommend filing AC21. So no G-28 no AC21

    Please guide.

    As per my knowledge you should always file G-28 if you changed your attorney if you filed one earlier. If there is any RFE they are the one who is going to receive.


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  • skpanda
    05-17 07:10 PM
    Upgrade of the existing case.

    Good Luck!

    Is upgrading to premium actually an upgrade of the existing case or is it just a new application filed under premium?


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  • msp1976
    05-19 04:34 PM
    Any thoughs folks???

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  • summitpointe
    01-28 11:01 AM


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  • rrk
    03-18 11:35 AM
    what is GC sponser? ABC company couldnt find a project for me. So i am on bench.

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  • irrational
    06-18 08:28 PM
    My I-486 Receipt Notice was lost in mail. So I don't have the Receipt notice to send.

    This is for an EAD Renewal.

    Is it ok if I don't send the I-485 Receipt copy ?



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  • kishore.salla
    11-07 11:14 AM
    Hey indyanguy,

    Me too in the same boat, got Masters in US, unfortunately got stuck in EB3 due to ill advice attorney.

    Please share any more useful information on this.


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  • garybanz
    01-11 11:53 AM
    How long is your I-485 pending? Ever thought about suing the USCIS? This is still the country of law.

    Rajiv Khanna has gone on record about suing USCIS, he says majority of cases don't even get a hearing. Govt uses some kind of a law originally created for handling terror suspects against most of the cases against USCIS. How ever he says California is an exception


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  • waitingnwaiting
    05-20 10:43 AM
    We are beneficiaries of my husband on a EB3 petition. due to retrogression issue,

    Was your question

    We are beneficiaries of my husband on a EB3 petition. due to retrogression issue, I want to sue someone. Whom should I start with?


    Lets complete her questions with various possible choices and help her. Happy Friday. :D

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  • extofu
    03-07 11:06 AM
    You require a new H1B stamp in your passport. If you look at your existing H1B stamp - it will have the name of your company (it is not clear from your post if this is Company A or Comapny B). Once you quit the company and leave this country, you need to have new stamp. In your case, you must have H1B stamp from Company C when you enter after you leave the country (unless you are visiting Mexico or Canada - in which case you can use automatic revalidation rule - provided you are out of the country for less than 30 days).

    I am not sure what will happen if you try to reenter on a H1B with old company. The POE will have some way to find out in which company u r working.

    My current H1 stamp is for company A.

    Based on what you wrote, would you advise me to get the stamp of company C if I have plans to change to C eventually? I know that when I will be reentering USA, I will be on the payroll for company C.


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  • pathmaker
    09-18 11:16 PM
    What if a person has active TB and is currently being treated? Doctors are saying it will take 9 months to complete the medication.

    Q1. Do we need to wait till 9 months to apply for I140 and 485?
    Q2. When will the medical records be opened and monitored? is it when my 485 is being processed or before giving EAD?
    Q3. If doctor says we have TB on the form, will i be queried by govt to get it checked again, or will i be rejected?"

    You should have no issues and your case should not be denied based on Medical grounds read more on the following

    http://www.uscis.gov/propub/ProPubVAP.jsp?dockey=724ce55f1a60168e48ce159d28615 0e2

    contact your attorny


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  • GC9180
    06-03 08:05 AM
    06/03/2009: Increasingly Hostile Environment in the U. S. Against H-1B Foreign Workers

    H-1B foreign worker visa program has been facing hostility all over lately. Introduction of H-1B restriction bill in the Congress is just one environment that has been widely publicized. However, at the administrative level, the H-1B visa program has been going through a number of problems without much publicity. For Fiscal Year 2010 H-1B program, unlike previous years, there is a short of H-1B petitions to fill the annual cap this year two months after the agency first started taking in the petitions beginning from April 1, 2009. On the surface, the workloads of the new H-1B petitions have been substantially reduced for the agency, but in reality, the employers that filed the new H-1B petitions have been facing tons of boiler plate Request for Evidence demanding tons of documents over and over causing tremendous delays in adjudication of the petitions. The hostile environment does not end with the new H-1B petitions. Report indicates that the H-1B workers are increasingly stranded abroad not being able to obtain the visa stamp abroad pending so-called protracted security checks and consequently not being able to return to the U.S. to resume employment. Should this environment continue, the business environment for the U.S. businesses will continuously deteriorate and the businesses will continuously suffer unless they take out their businesses and jobs abroad to meet the needed workforces in order to stay in business in increasingly competitive global economy. Nothing will be able to stop the offshore outsourcing of the U.S. businesses. This is something the Obama Administration should think about very quick before too late.

    Donot be suprised to expect more, one of my friends at IBM got letter (from IBM attorney) asking to state client location etc..I think it could be based on any new USCIS H1B rules or verification ??

    How things change over time..1999 and 2009 opposite in almost most ways. job offers, rates, hostility, length of job contracts etc

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  • indyanguy
    11-06 12:39 PM
    Sorry if a related question is posted elsewhere. I searched and didn't find any thread that answers my question.

    Any help is appreciated..


    06-30 12:58 PM
    My online status changed from approval sent to pending. Did you any further update?

    My attorney received an email notice of I-140 approval (PP) on Mon, June 25. But the online case status showed the application as pending. Finally,today my attorney called and was told that due to "system glitch ", approval notices were sent out in error!! It seems this has done to others too!!
    Did anyone else encounter this?

    06-23 09:10 AM
    Although I filed the Labor Certification Application (regular filing) in mid 2004, I couldn�t apply for I-485 in July/Aug 2007 because my LC was still pending at that time. Later in 2007 I got the Labor Certification and in 2009 I received the I-140 approval.

    While may case was stuck in a DOL backlog elimination center, many people who started their permanent residency process in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were able to take advantage of the I-485 filing window because of RIR and PERM filings.

    I am wondering if I could request USCIS to extend to me the same EAD Card benefit that applicants with a later priority date are enjoying. Is it something I can appeal to an immigration board or to an immigration court? I have been working in H1B since 1999. Would 11 years in H1B (and 3 years in F1 prior to that) carry any humanitarian consideration in a court of appeal?

    Could someone please advice?

    Thank you.

    I feel sorry for you. I came to US on H1 in 1998.Did not file green card and left US in 2004 came back again in 2006 on H1. Still have not filed green card.

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