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  • danr_97070
    Jul 21, 03:05 PM
    This definitely increases the chances of Apple introducing new MBPs at WWDC. Could be a huge event!

    My PB is only a year and half old, but Merom-based MBPs are looking awfully tempting...

    Here are my predictions for WWDC; I think it will be an amazing event!

    * Quad core Woodcrest-based PowerMac. Overclocked with Intel's new

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  • mwayne85
    Apr 25, 09:44 AM
    Good observation, but as others have said, this won't happen anytime soon. I guessing we'll see a resolution bump in the iPad before we see it in Macs.

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  • katebmac
    Apr 7, 12:13 PM
    Wow, really, who comes to an Apple rumor site and complains about people saying pro Apple things.

    You should go to Autoblog next and complain about people getting excited over new cars.

    Best Post.

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  • marksman
    Apr 18, 03:57 PM
    Pretty textbook case of biting the hand that feeds you here, even if Samsung business units are separated.

    Obviously you mean Samsung is biting the hand that feeds them as they are ripping off their biggest screen component customer.

    You are right it is dumb for Samsung to have done that, and I am sure the people who run the screen business are pissed as hell at the idiots in the cell phone and tablet division who pissed off their best customer.

    In case you don't understand how business dynamics work, which I suspect you don't, Apple is one of the biggest, if not the biggest customer of Samsung Corp in existence. Another division of that company did something that really pissed off this important customer, enough that the customer ended up suing because of it.

    Samsung is the one who screwed up here not Apple... and why people think Apple should not protect its design rights, well I don't understand.

    Some people seem to think that Samsung's logic is "Well they are our customer so it is okay if we steal from them" is just in outerspace.

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  • zim
    Nov 24, 11:04 PM
    Apple has about as good a chance of entering the cell phone market as LG does entering the MP3 player market.

    Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well.. and 'playing with others' isn't one of their strengths, either. Both are requirements to enter an already highly competitive cell phone marketplace.

    Apple needs to get back to what they do best, which is innovate in untapped or barely tapped markets where they really stand out and shine against the competition.. Apple II, Original Macintosh, iPod, etc. Not jump into an already saturated market with little to distinguish themselves between the competition but a pretty case.

    LG does make an mp3 player (

    I believe that Apple's success has been based on the simplicity of the product not on how rich in features it is. Cell phones are currently overly complex, attempting to do more then what their intent was, which is where I think Apple can make a difference. Removing complexity is what Apple does best.

    As for playing with others, Apple has constantly made attempts to bridge the gap between PC and Macs. Look at the early PowerMacs when apple had translation tools, and the ability to read PC formated disks.

    "Apple doesn't do inexpensive very well"
    - Simplicity comes at a price.

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  • kenypowa
    Apr 26, 04:45 PM
    LOL @ all the sour apples. Fanboys in collective denial.;)

    Actually iPhone is doing great. Other than Apple and Google, everyone is losing.

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  • Coolerking
    Sep 11, 01:31 PM
    Top Merom is 2.33GHz and should be standard on both top 15" and 17" models - def the 17". Bottom of Merom is 1.66GHz.


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  • robertgenito
    Nov 3, 02:23 PM
    The next phases of Sopho's agenda:

    1) create more "viruses" and get as much media hype as possible. This will ensure a larger demand of their free product.

    2) once a significant number of users are registered and using their free product, force them to update their application--for new virus protection. this new update will lock them into a 30-day trial mode :) users will have to pay $60 per year in order to stay protected.

    I'm not worried at all honestly. I'm just even happier to be running a unix-based operating system :)

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  • Grokgod
    Aug 7, 07:13 PM
    Is this whole heat sinked ram issue for real?

    I just ordered the top o line, Macpro. but with base ram as usual onoly to see the FB- blah blah heat sinked, get nothing else or your computer will become the wind tunnel of hell, Is this true.

    Should I get a 2gig base and try to work up from there?


    OMG estimated shipping date Sept 12th, they gotta be kidding!

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  • scupking
    May 6, 07:53 AM
    Intel makes some great processors. It would be a bad idea to move to ARM. Sure keep ARM in the mobile world like the iPad and iphones but don't bring them to laptops and desktops. Can't wait to see how Intels ivy bridge is next year.

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  • anonalidall
    May 7, 10:55 AM
    Mobileme is certainly worth more than free. Apple doesn't scrape your emails and other data to target adds at you a la Google.

    Yes, but a la Google works. MobileMe is crap. So if they make it free then you'd either get free crap without ads, or free stuff that works with ads. Seems fair.

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  • Gatorman
    Aug 3, 11:38 PM
    the news say intel has already made small shipment last month enough for product launches, .. in september.. apple will expect large shipment.

    so this means launching at wwdc, available in september

    Or perhaps it means enough chips to sell a few thousand (or hundred, I'm just going out on a limb here! :D ) initially, and then mass produce in Sept to keep up with the demand?

    Either way, I want to see them available in August...I can't wait any more. I've waited a year and a half! Of course, I didn't need one up until August, anyway. :p

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  • Hisdem
    Mar 29, 08:22 PM
    I guarantee America has all the technology required to make components for a phone battery.

    And yes, I'd pay more for EVERYTHING I buy if I knew that an American was making it here in America. That means more people working fair-wage jobs, paying taxes, and contributing to the economy by spending THEIR money in the economy as well.

    Problem is, as I said before, Apple sells worldwide. And most of the world couldn't possibly care less if a product is made in the USA or in Japan. We want it to be as good as it is now, at the best price. America can't do that, can it? Prince increase = sales decrease.

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  • DavidLeblond
    May 4, 02:49 PM
    I think I'll go with the App store method. I don't like discs lying around. I don't forsee having to ever have to install the OS from scratch however I do wonder how one would restore their backup from Time Machine in the event that their disk gets borked.

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  • Umbongo
    May 6, 08:19 AM
    I think they can pull it off. I watched as they went from Motorola 680X0, to PowerPC (which was huge) and then to Intel (hell froze over!) So this happening would not be the least bit surprising or concerning.

    The difference is that PowerPC and then Intel processors were performing far better than what else was available. There is no indication that ARM processors are set to out perform what Intel can offer. This whole thread is based on a bit of news written by someone who is known to make things up and get emotional in his reporting, the day after ARM dropped nearly 8% due to news of Intel's next technological step.

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  • Plutonius
    May 3, 10:29 PM
    Could I just explore the first room and save a turn for later(I'm not necessarily wanting to do this, just asking if it's possible)?

    "Don't Panic" is correct that the best way to search this room is to leave it and return later.

    It is not a matter of saving turns for later. Mscriv goes after we make our action.

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  • Reach
    Sep 16, 07:59 AM
    Now THAT's what I would like:

    "Since the release of the 15 inch MacBook Pro in January, speculation on the forthcoming Apple laptops is spreading throughout the net. Meanwhile, MacosXrumors has received a very unexpected report, providing information about one of the forthcoming MacBook Pros.

    The sources that can be qualified as �very reliable� (yes you read it well), are claiming that Apple plans to keep similar display size for its entry level Mac Book Pro by releasing what sources called an �ultra-thin 12 inch Mac Book Pro�."


    I would buy one on the same day.
    Thats some optimistic reading mister. Not VERY reliable, just reliable. And the report is not connected to the newest rumor, it's something they heard about earlier this year and they're unable to confirm that it applies to the 25th. Oh well, maybe you read another article than me?

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  • netdog
    Jul 30, 04:42 PM
    do you think they'd make it work with cingular and the rest, or do think they'd make their own service like helio?

    I would bet it will come out as GSM initially, though perhaps they will release a CDMA as well.

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  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 05:18 PM
    Instead of pixel based images that are just bigger, why not simply ship vector based icons/wallpapers ?

    KDE supported SVG as a format for wallpapers and icons something like 10 years ago... That way, it doesn't matter what the display resolution is, the icon always looks sharp and non-pixelated.

    I'd rather Apple work on making SVG the standard graphics format for graphics ressources than just bumping up the pixel count (and the file size!).

    Heck, if they don't like SVG (which is just a bunch of XML), they could go with one of the other vector based image formats or come up with one of their own.

    Apr 14, 05:54 PM
    Or just treat all income as ordinary income and eliminate all the preferential treatment certain forms of income enjoy. Eliminate capital gain, business, gift and estate taxes, and treat all income from all sources as ordinary income and tax accordingly.

    I think that could be the easiest way to solve the problem simply, but it would also have to come with a vast elimination of deductions and exemptions.

    And we should, after an across the board cut, IMO.

    There are two big parts of the budget that are hard to cut though. Social Security and Medicare really can't be cut without raising the retirement age to 70 NOW and cutting benefits. I don't think that's going to happen.

    Mar 28, 09:47 AM
    Maybe not at WWDC, but I don't see them waiting till Fall to put out new iPhone hardware, hold iOS5 till then, maybe, but not new hardware.

    They risk losing people to Android, WebOS, etc... as the remaining iPhone3GS people all start coming off of contract, and nobody will go iPhone4 knowing 5 is just months away.

    This waiting around also gives 3GS users a few months to check out other products (new Pre w/WebOS, etc). Apple does not want people looking around during that break time.

    I'm in that boat. although I'm most likely not willing to 'jump ship'. :) would just be disappointed at a few more months of an 'old phone'.

    Aug 4, 09:01 PM
    The company that really deserves criticism is intuit. They recently released quicken 2007 and it was not UB. They were releasing a new product and they chose to ignore intel Mac users. Makes you wonder if they are going to stay in the mac market at all. Maybe in the future they will just recommend running parallel and windows, to use quicken on an intel mac.
    Users are already moving away from the Mac versions. When Intuit announced they were here to stay in 2003 there was a lot of criticism about how they left Mac users stranded for six years. Look who is abandoning who now. If they were to close up Mac development, few would care. I'm betting they will be just one of many companies to do it too.

    Mar 28, 11:28 AM
    There will be an iPhone 5 in June/July. People's expectations, and people's contracts, are too tied into the yearly update cycle for Apple to do anything else without running the risk if losing customers (especially 3GS owners) and losing buzz. It also gives other phones the chance for some anti-iPhone marketing - "the iPhone is dated, it can't keep up with modern phones, etc.".

    I also don't think that the Verizon launch will play any role - Verizon is just one US carrier, for one; for another, people on V contracts won't be any better off when their contract is 7 months old than they will be when their contract was 3 months old. But people who are waiting for a verizon iP5 may not wait if it goes beyond June/July.

    However, Apple may not make an announcement at WWDC. It wouldn't surprise me if they moved to the standalone stealth announcement model like they did for the iPad 2...maybe they have a special announcement the first week of June that the iP5 will be available the last week of June. Announcing things a couple of months in advance is nice for customers, but also gives competing handset makers a lot of lead time to perhaps alter existing designs to copy the iPhone.

    Apr 18, 04:35 PM
    Apple *have* patented the look of icons: and Samsung clearly infringes on them.

    (I'm not sure if a similar, US patent exists.)

    I doubt that "looks" can be patented in US. Anyways, according to this article: "The patent application was originally filed in September 2010 and also encapsulates designs pertaining to the reflective nature of icons in the iPad dock (wherein the reflection also describes the function of said icon/app).". There is nothing reflective about Samsung icons.

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