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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    09-12 11:10 AM
    Not anymore...

    EB2 India followed by EB3 India. If we take this "sampling" of information with a mild grain of salt, then it still does tally up with the distribution of the retrogressed dates. EB2 IN is U, EB3 IN is mid April. EB3 RoW is further along down the line.. not many illegals coming under RoW.

    Manny, in your next poll you might want to atleast get the 2002 & before, 2003, 2004 2005, 2006+ PD distribution of EB2 India and 01Apr2001-30Apr2001, rest of EB3 India. I think once those 245(i) illegal buttplugs are out of the way, EB3 IN should move at a good pace. But that may not happen until 2012-2014.

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    05-02 06:16 AM

    Ok, let us assume I am a manner less fellow. I am still far better than you who is feeeling resentment against someone because of that person's advantages.

    You are the first one who quickly posted saying 'Not Good'. Any one in the world will say, you were abusive to the OP. Practice Nirvana, it will be good for you.

    Gcmuddu , u r still eb3 coz u r so abusive,
    u must have abused to the lawyer also
    so she let you rot as eb3

    I hope all eb3 gets the card but you get to
    go back to the culture you belong, coz u certainly
    don't fit in USA

    Do yourself a favor , learn manners, card
    will not teach you that.

    Btw how does ur family tolerates you?
    Or are a big hypocrite to tell ur son/ daughter(if any)
    to be polite and here in public forum u bad mouth

    wish your mom should have taught you more

    I feel sad when you say "kutte"
    noone should loose their loved ones soon,
    else they try to find them in public forums,

    good luck

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  • eborbust
    07-01 09:19 AM
    To Administrator: Why are you deleting my post. I am just copy pasting a PURE TRUTH i.e. a TEXT OF LEGISLATION. I am not making up things. There are many other threads where people are just discussing unnecessary stuff. I am just saying that legal immigrants who have not yet applied for EB should contact congress to include us in any kind of amnesty - not exclude us. How does this view go against anybody in this forum?? Infact it will benefit everybody. A "blanket" amnesty will give everybdy a GC including those who have and those who havent applied for EB yet.

    I am not saying the 2009 or 2010 CIR would definitely exclude legals in US from amnesty but we should contact congress and white house that it should not happen like the it was almost going to happen in 2006.

    Search Results - THOMAS (Library of Congress)

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 (Placed on Calendar in Senate)


    (a) Short Title- This section may be cited as the `Immigrant Accountability Act of 2006'.

    (b) Adjustment of Status-

    (1) IN GENERAL- Chapter 5 of title II (8 U.S.C. 1255 et seq.) is amended by inserting after section 245A the following:


    `(a) Adjustment of Status-

    `(1) PRINCIPAL ALIENS- Notwithstanding any other provision of law, including section 244(h) of this Act, the Secretary of Homeland Security shall adjust to the status of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence, an alien who satisfies the following requirements:

    `(A) APPLICATION- The alien shall file an application establishing eligibility for adjustment of status and pay the fine required under subsection (m) and any additional amounts owed under that subsection.


    `(i) IN GENERAL- The alien shall establish that the alien--

    `(I) was physically present in the United States on or before the date that is 5 years before April 5, 2006;

    `(II) was not legally present in the United States on April 5, 2006, under any classification set forth in section 101(a)(15); and

    `(III) did not depart from the United States during the 5-year period ending on April 5, 2006, except for brief, casual, and innocent departures.

    Under any such plan, an Illegal guy living in US for 2 or 3 years will get green card before a legal guy on F1 visa or working on H1B living in US for 2 or 3 years.

    We should all contact congress to not to limit any kind of so called "Legalization or Earned path to Green Card" to illegals in US only. Legals should also be included. BUG THE WHITE HOUSE AND SENATORS FOR THIS OTHERWISE YOU'LL BE LEFT OUT. ACT NOW...

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  • SunnySurya
    08-15 12:59 PM
    I had this discussion with my lawyer. This lawywer has been touch with USCIS very closely and understand the process and how the system works (to the best possible for an outsider) and here is what has to say about LUD.
    Most I-485 will be adjudicated without any LUD at all. This is an because even today it is the physical file that is being delivered to an IO. IO will not touch the system if there had been no issue or no infomation to update.

    If one is getting LUDs on any application, it most likely implies that some information is being updated. LUD most likely are for some reasons.

    The process of adjudicating a 485 is multi step with many department involved. When the file reaches an IO for the decision , it is expected to be complete in every respect. If IO has any follow up question or any comments, she would then enter in the system that we se as LUD.
    Thus, LUD in most cases ( and not all), if at all, is a potential indication of further delay..
    I am not aware of any concrete reason for LUD on an approved I-140. My discussion with USCIS indicate that it may be due to updating of company specific information and not necessary related to individual case. Internally the the system recognize each company by a specific number.

    Regarding your question LUD on AP, it should be unrelated to 485 as it is handled by a different department and lower level officials.


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  • sundarpn
    04-30 07:05 PM
    You can change via H1-b transfer and H4 will be valid. You 485 should be valid due to AC 21.

    Now, the question is when dates do become current, and you want to file a dependent 485, will any support be needed from your old employer with whom you started your GC process?

    Can the primay file this himself with just his 485 receipts.

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  • Ramba
    03-28 01:46 PM
    The Advance degree + 3 years of experience on H1B are not just a matter of fact formulation from the senators. It�s an effort to revert back to the 60�s through 80�s formula where the only way to immigrate to the US (at least for Engineers) was to pursue a master�s degree in the US and then adjust their status to a PR. There is a growing demand from academic institutions to revive this culture. America wants people to study here, specialize in evolving technologies and drive the technological innovation. Every day we see posts on this forum of folks wanting to include laws and regulations to fix the situation that they are in. We need to have a unified front with a common goal. May be we should learn from the �less educated� Latino community. They probably do not have the internet media to rally support but boy did they have their voice heard with ONE COMMON AGENDA.

    I agree with you. All the peoples want to fix the problem currently they are in. We should have a comman, broad sense goal.


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  • sanju
    07-22 01:14 PM
    Its my turn to complaint about Red dots. Who gave me a red dot? I am just kidding and messing with you :D

    BTW, Dhundhun, I thought you said that you will abstain for couple of weeks. You are already back? Everything alright? Just asking....

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  • PD_Dec2002
    08-27 05:00 PM
    thanks for you understanding....i don't want her processing to be closed. if we're divorces can her processing still be on?

    No, her processing cannot go on. It would be illegal on YOUR part to claim her as a spouse for a GC when she is really is not your spouse anymore (once you file for divorce, that is).



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  • nik.patelc
    02-18 08:39 PM
    I just noticed that your PD date is Nov 2004 EB2. I am just curious that CIS is processing case with PD NOV 2004 in March but March 2009 bulletin show EB2 Feb 2004.

    Would you share details when did you get GC interview?

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  • waitingimmigrant
    10-21 04:54 PM
    gotcha.... thanks leo


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  • Nikith77
    01-20 02:50 PM
    LOOKs Goooood

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  • meridiani.planum
    10-09 01:52 PM
    Visitor visa/Business visa for Germany .I have plan business trip to Germany but to get visa, German consulate web site saying they will need visa stamp in passport. My visa stamp in passport is expired and I had use AP for my last entry.
    Does any have done European visa with above condition .Please share your thoughts?

    Did you call up the embassy and ask? I got a tourist visa last year from their embassy in SFO. Was on H1 and had a stamp at that point, but in general they were very helpful over the phone. So try calling the embassy...


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  • DSLStart
    07-28 04:06 PM
    I doubt that. Returning after a long period on AP would sure make the POE officer grill that person, as AP is supposed to be used in case of emergencies and humanitarin grounds. I was grilled at IAD on return after 30 days and the POE officer asked me to present documentary evidence of the emergency to travel outside US.

    No, no maximum. You just have to have had the AP in hand when you left the US.

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  • eager_immi
    08-09 11:47 AM
    I think it is useful to state search the forum so that people stop asking questions which really irritates other people since it has been discusses in detail in several threads. Let the guy ask. I see a couple of times somebody asking a question, and instead of answering people ask to search at the forum first....
    why not just respond if possible or just ignore. I think posting a reply to say to search first is not very usefull at all.


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  • elusive
    10-25 03:16 PM
    I am in the same boat:

    Application recieved: Aug 13
    reciept date: October 13
    Case status of 765:Approved and got my card also
    Case status of 131 :Unable to see status
    Case status of 485:Unable to see status

    All three reciept numbers starts with SRC-08-008-XXXXX

    Customer service lady says" Keep looking you will see it soon"

    PD: EB-3 (March 2003)

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  • amitga
    03-27 10:23 PM
    I think its a typo and you should contact USCIS through your lawyer and get this problem corrected to avoid any problems later.


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  • delhikadesi
    05-03 10:00 AM
    thats bad to hear beautiful mind..
    sometimes we say things without the complete context...

    in that case you deserve to be eb2

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  • sundevil
    03-16 05:55 PM
    Please edit the title and post to correct spelling of "insurance". It looks very negative in our home page while we are claiming to be highly skilled immigrants.

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  • msyedy
    02-05 02:29 PM
    Is the 45 day approved labor validity Rule already in place?

    Jonty ask a lawyer.... that is the best solution because no one here will be filling your application for I-140.

    09-02 10:11 AM
    I'm just curious as there has been approvals contrary to the bulletins in the years before. Please don't flame me as i'm just looking for any signs of hope around the corner for the EB3 folks.

    09-28 08:56 AM
    It is possible that the employer may sue you. But since you would be finding a new job, you can always ask your new employer to give you a sign-on bonus which will be equal to or greater than the expenses demanded by your present employer.

    Thats my 2 cents worth.

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