Britney Spears's kids doesn't recognize her star status

Britney Spears says her kids don’t understand her success.
The singer admits sons Jayden James, 4, and Sean Preston, 5, have yet to fully recognize her star status.
“They’re really confused with Mommy the star and Mommy,” Britney said through a smile.
“They’re like, ‘Is that Britney Spears or is that you, Mommy?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s the same person.’”
Recent reports claimed Spears wants to work with Lady Gaga but she’s not getting her way.
“Britney is desperate to work with her again. She is very aware of that Gaga is a big threat to her in terms of her longevity in music,” reveals one insider.
“She’s fascinated with her and blown away by her music. So far there has been no indication that a collaboration will ever happen.
“Britney feels like with artists like Gaga and Katy Perry, her days in pop are coming to an end.”

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