Blind gossip!

1) “This A list celebrity actor has a membership to an exclusive country club membership on the East Coast. Although he doesn’t live on the East Coast, he frequents the club often when he’s on the East Coast. He is said to go to the club for a very special kind of massage from the men at the club that his wife naively thinks is just a massage. It’s not.” [Buzz Foto]

2) “What Hollywood legend’s wife harassed a 16-year-old boy so much over a relationship-gone-wrong with her daughter that the teen jumped off a bridge in an attempted s*icide? The mother bombarded the boy with text messages, threatening to call the police because, she alleged, he’d been inappropriately involved with her underage daughter. Despite suffering a broken pelvis, injured lung, broken wrist, sprained ankles and cuts and bruises, the boy is expected to recover from his 200-foot s*icide leap. While the A-lister’s wife is now calling the teen’s family with tearful apologies, her famous husband reportedly hasn’t said a word about the incident.” [Blind Gossip]

3) “Which wealthy widow is so obnoxious that she has to take her maid to lunch because she’s now totally avoided by the Hamptons social set? She was recently seen dining at an outdoor restaurant in Southampton with her maid who was still wearing a work apron.” [New York Post]

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