Anne Hathaway injures her butt

Anne Hathaway has suffered another butt incident on the Batman set
The actress who plays Cat Woman in the upcoming flick hit the headlines recently after injuring a stuntman during a fight scene with the butt of a rifle, now she’s had a mishap involving her own butt!
“Anne was filming a very similar fight scene when her costume split right open right on her bottom,” reveals an insider.
“She’s putting everything into this role both physically and emotionally and the wardrobe department is paying the price. She must have gone through a dozen costume changes due to Anne throwing herself around.”
Anne will be seen as Cat Woman in Dark Knight Rises when the movie is release next year.”
Anne who’s currently dating actor Adam Shulman recently revealed she’s “dying” to become a mom!
“I’m dying to be a mother,” she said. “I’m not ready for it yet, but it’s one of the joys of life that I’m looking forward to so very much.”

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